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SRS to Raise the Roof for Charity

By Dan R. Tinker November 26, 2015

SRS is pleased to announce a devoted website for news and information on the company's philanthropic efforts.

At SRS Distribution Inc., we have long believed that we grow not only by investing in our business, but also in our people and our communities. It is for this reason that the management team of SRS Distribution Inc. formed the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is easily stated in three words “AND GIVE BACK.” This mission statement is simply a continuation of the mission statement of SRS Distribution Inc.- “Make Money and Have Fun.”  All of the employees at SRS Distribution Inc. truly believe the best way to give back to our communities is to draw upon our company’s unique business culture: linking the skills and passions of our over 1,000 employees with philanthropic dollars donated by SRS Distribution Inc. and its customers and employees.  

By living and working in the communities we operate in, our employees are in touch with the needs and issues in their communities. In years past, SRS Distribution Inc. has been a contributor to disaster relief efforts in various communities in which we operate in, assisting residents of these communities to rebuild their lives which have been devastated by various natural disasters.

At SRS Distribution Inc. we also highly value the service and dedication members of our armed forces show each and every day. At SRS Distribution Inc. we employ several ex-veterans of the United States Armed Forces and are so honored to have them be a part of our organization. As such, the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation Inc. has dedicated its purpose to raise and distribute a majority of the funds raised through donations or fundraising activities to causes and organizations that support both our armed forces and disaster relief efforts.   

As one of the largest roofing distributors in the United States, we take our responsibility of being a good corporate citizen to heart. We are committed to leveraging our business expertise and resources to help those in need in the communities we operate in and throughout the United States in an effort to help address our nation’s most pressing challenges.

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