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SRS Distribution Inc. listed in the "2013 Fleet Owner 500"

By Dan R. Tinker February 06, 2013

Every year Fleet Owner magazine ranks the top 500 private fleets in the US and SRS distribution made the list again. The Fleet Owner 500 is compiled by FleetSeek, which starts with a broad range of public and proprietary sources, then verifies and updates that information through electronic, print and telephone follow-ups.  

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Private fleets don't haul freight for profit, but instead quietly distribute products, deliver services, keep supply chains moving, and perform other essential services for their parent businesses. Even though they operate over 6.6 million of the 8.1 million commercial trucks running on U.S. roads, private fleets are also the invisible side of the trucking industry, functioning as indispensable tools to help businesses succeed in their primary missions rather than as profit-making businesses in their own right.

The FLEET OWNER 500, a ranking of America's top private fleets, was created to recognize the size and scope of those often under-appreciated operations. Like first two reports, the 2006 FLEET OWNER 500 bases its rankings on total power units controlled by a fleet. We also provide a breakdown by tractors and straight trucks for each fleet, as well as information on trailers in the fleet and the parent company's business category.

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