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SRS Distribution is thrilled to announce the launch of Roof Hub Desktop

By Yancey Bennett February 03, 2020

McKinney, TX – February 3, 2019:   

SRS Distribution is thrilled to announce the launch of Roof Hub Desktop, the web based extension of the Roof Hub mobile application that debuted at last year’s International Roofing Expo. Roof Hub is designed to manage all of your material order needs with one easy-to-use solution. The desktop version includes everything from the mobile application as well as several new features that are being launched at the 2020 International Roofing Expo in Dallas.

The Roof Hub app was built with a focus on contractors’ biggest requests. It includes key features like real-time delivery tracking, allowing you to see exactly where your material is, on the way to the jobsite. Confirmation photos are automatically uploaded upon delivery. The addition of Roof Hub desktop includes weather alerts, supplier promotion rebate tracking, and a Need More function that allows you to order additional material for an existing project with just a couple clicks. 

Dan Tinker, the President and CEO of SRS Distribution said, “Our focus on customer success drives everything we do. With Roof Hub, we are thrilled to offer our customers a powerful tool that helps them manage their businesses more effectively.”

Roof Hub is the perfect dashboard for the professional roofing contractor. It provides clear and easy access to all of your material order information. For some contractors, this is all the technology they need to add to their process. You can place an order using our smart templates that learn your ordering habits, confirm the order, track the material as it makes its way to your jobsite, view delivery confirmation photos, and even review your invoice, all within Roof Hub.

Roof Hub’s smart templates are designed to help contractors place orders more quickly and with less mistakes. “By utilizing artificial intelligence, Roof Hub is able to learn our customers’ purchasing habits and tailor recommendations based on their manufacturer of choice,” said Patrick Garcia, VP of Innovation at SRS Distribution.

With Roof Hub Desktop, “Our contractors’ office staff is no longer dependent on information from their field crews. The whole team has access to the same real-time information wherever they are.” Added Pete Bachman, Director of Operations Innovation at SRS.

For a full demonstration of Roof Hub Mobile and Desktop, visit SRS Distribution at Booth #4921 of the International Roofing Expo, or learn more at

About SRS Distribution

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in McKinney, TX, SRS has grown to become one of the largest and fastest growing building products distributors in the United States. Since our inception, we have established a differentiated growth strategy and entrepreneurial culture that is focused on serving our customers, partnering with our suppliers, and attracting the industry’s best talent.  We currently operate under a family of distinct local brands encompassing more than 350 locations across 44 states.  SRS Distribution is a portfolio company of Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. and Berkshire Partners LLC.

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