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By Jeremy Goldschmeding July 21, 2020


6 – 10% on all Shingles and 10 - 15% on all Fasteners & Accessories

To our valued Customers:

Throughout this challenging year, our businesses have adapted to an evolving landscape and we are thankful for our relationships and support from you, our valued customers.

As we work through a “new normal” involving extensive and permanent business process changes, a heavier reliance on technology, and continued cost increases across many segments of our business, SRS is taking every step possible to keep our people and our customers safe, while investing for the future and focusing on what will make our customers even more successful for the long term. Additionally, we have taken the stance to not accept government support through this environment.

Our industry’s demand has been fortunate to be very strong in light of COVID-19, but as a result, the manufacturers have had a hard time keeping up with production since many understandably took drastic measures to curtail production in Q2. Therefore, we expect demand will continue to outpace production capacity until the winter months at the earliest, and possibly further out if a large storm event occurs. Product is already in short supply and the manufacturers have already passed through net price increases for July.

As a result, we will be forced to increase our prices on shipments on or after August 15, 2020 by 6 – 10% on all Shingles and 10 - 15% on all Fasteners & Accessories. We encourage you to incorporate these increases into your job bids and quotes.

For real-time information related to roof material orders, invoices, pricing, deliveries, and more, visit from your desktop or mobile device.

Thank you for your continued business and support. We look forward to continuing as your supplier partner of choice, and remain committed to providing exceptional service.

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Jeremy Goldschmeding – EVP Building Products Division

SRS Distribution


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